OES Genuine CV Boot & Accessories

This boot is definitely made for drivin'; make sure you choose an OES Genuine CV boot as replacement for a worn unit. Your CV joints are extremely vulnerable to quick wear and tear, therefore, it is imperative that you invest on a high-class boot to provide enough coverage and protection for this component. Together with the joints, your ride's boots help manage the torque produced by your drive wheels. The boots are so important that it is required to place one CV boot behind each wheel. Once any of these units fail, the joints are surely doomed to experience premature failure due to excessive friction produced by too much metal to metal surface contact. Any split or crack on your boot leaks grease and compromises the durability of the entire set of joints.

If you want to avoid driving with damaged boots, have them checked every time you get an oil change, a wheel alignment service, or any other steering or suspension repair. Some signs which may indicate you need to get a replacement like this OES Genuine CV boot are as follows: constant clicking sound every time you make a turn, endless vibrations on the steering wheel, a clunk when accelerating and decelerating, humming or growling noises, and difficulty in handling your vehicle and steering it into the right direction. To check if your CV boot is damaged, you may need to get under the vehicle, near the drive shaft in the middle. See if the boots are tightly installed and look for signs of crack, wear, and tear. Once you notice any problem, purchase this OES Genuine CV boot right away.

Changing the boots is not really a difficult task and can be done by a moderately experienced DIYer; however, it can be a time-consuming and messy task. It is therefore important to make the necessary preparations and secure the needed tools before starting. First, you need to remove the wheel cover and loosen the nut between the joint and the bearing. Next, you should raise the vehicle and take out the ball joint from the lower control arm. Carefully, slide out the half shaft from the knuckle. You can use a pry bar to make it easier to remove the unit. You need to remember where the bolts and nuts you removed are originally attached in and to ensure that the spot has been cleaned before installing the replacement. Afterwards, you can get the OES Genuine CV boot and attach it on the joints.

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