OES Genuine Bypass Hose & Accessories

Have you ever considered the importance of getting a high-quality OES Genuine bypass hose? Some drivers prefer to have this hose blocked, not realizing that they may be putting their engine in danger. The bypass hose is designed to allow a small amount of coolant to circulate even if the thermostat is closed - while warming up your car. The thermostat only opens when a certain temperature is reached, and that's only the time when coolant flows in. However, in many instances, the warming up causes some engine parts to heat up very fast, and they can overheat even before the thermostat opens to allow coolant in. Therefore, there should already be coolant circulating inside to gather heat prior to thermostat opening. The coolant passing through the bypass hose also makes warming up faster by evenly distributing the heat collected around all the engine parts.

With all those benefits mentioned, it pays to mount a bypass hose and to get only the best one. The OES Genuine bypass hose has features that make it a cut above all the other hoses in the market. Primary of these features is its OE characteristic, making it the perfect replacement to the damaged stock hose in your ride. This hose is made from tough materials, specifically designed to resist different forms of damage, primary of which is heat. Most bypass hoses succumb to leaking over time, but you can trust the hose from OES Genuine to last much longer. Once it is mounted, just keep an eye on it on a regular basis to monitor its condition. Bypass hose leaks should never be ignored, or these might trigger engine overheating.

Aside from regular maintenance, there are also some things that you must remember when mounting the OES Genuine bypass hose. First, be sure that it is compatible with your thermostat. Some thermostats are not designed to work with bypass hoses, so it's important to double check what you've got. In some instances, you will find a bypass valve working with this hose, a valve that plugs the hose up once the thermostat is already opened - be sure you monitor the condition of the said valve because it can get clogged after a while. And of course, you also have to keep all other cooling parts in your vehicle in top shape. Only then can you be sure of a worry-free ride.

So, now that you've already understood the importance of the OES Genuine bypass hose, are you ready to get one to replace your poorly performing or damaged hose? There's no need to worry because you have a lot of choices here at Parts Train. We have top-quality auto parts and accessories that will surely work well with your ride, and finding the right part is easy - just use our Part Finder to make your shopping fast and convenient. Need more help shopping for the right OES Genuine bypass hose? Give us a call or chat with us, and our friendly customer service reps will gladly help you.