OES Genuine Brake Pad Shim Set & Accessories

If you're sick and tired of those annoying squeals from your brakes, do yourself a favor and get an OES Genuine brake pad shim set right away. Made of rubber or metal, brake pad shims are thin layers that are fitted in-between the rotors and the brake pads. Especially for newer vehicles, they work as anti-rattle pads, making sure that the rotors and brake pads won't slam against each other. They are used to minimize vibration and contain the noise when hitting the brakes. They prevent squeaks during light braking, but more importantly, also protect the caliper from heat. Although some say that there's no harm in driving with broken or missing shims, these hardware bits can make a huge difference, making sure that brake parts can work hand-in-hand minus the unwanted vibration.

In case you're having trouble with that squeaky noise, an OES Genuine brake pad shim set can be the cure. These shims are made of high-quality materials, with durable plates and coat to withstand high temperatures. Unlike other aftermarket options, they won't to break or wear out fast. Since they're specially made for a specific type of vehicle, no need to worry about getting ill-fitted or mismatched parts. As long as you get the right set for your brake pads, installation won't be too much trouble. You can even get an upgrade and not just an immediate replacement.

Usually, when one of the shims is worn out, the others are not far behind. That's why getting a shim set is often more practical. You can replace the shims all at once using an OES Genuine brake pad shim set. All shims included in this package are guaranteed to be of premium quality. They're built to last longer than other aftermarket shims and may even outperform stock parts. After all, these are manufactured by a brand known for topnotch auto parts and accessories that are backed up by a trusty warranty. OES Genuine has been a key player in the industry for many years now and has time and again proven itself to be a very reliable brand. So if you're after great quality at the most reasonable prices, an OES Genuine brake pad shim set can be your best option.

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