OES Genuine Brake Pad Shim & Accessories

Brake noise may not be as dangerous as other braking problems, but it still spells trouble nevertheless-prevent its occurrence with the installation of a high-quality OES Genuine brake pad shim. The noise that you hear when braking may be caused by several things. It could be an indication that the friction materials on your vehicle's brake pads have already gone too thin and the pads already need to be replaced. If you have mounted new pads, the pads will usually undergo a so-called ‘bed in' phase-they will need to adjust to the settings of the existing rotors. During this process, it is normal for the pads to create noise, but you can expect this noise to disappear after a few miles. If the noise doesn't disappear, a new brake pad shim can help you.

The OES Genuine brake pad shim is simply a material that is inserted between the brake pads and rotors to compensate for any imperfection between the two. Imperfections between the pads and rotors are among the leading causes of noise and vibrations when braking, and the shims are placed between these two parts to reduce occurrence of the said conditions and to maintain both your braking efficiency and your driving convenience. The shims can be made from rubber or metal, although the second is now more commonly used because it is more resistant to damage. There are pads that already come with shims attached. However, in case the pads that you get do not have shims yet, there are separate shims that come in kits-just order them and install in place.

The installation of the OES Genuine brake pad shim is very easy. Some shims come with adhesive tape that you simply attach, while others may have to be threaded for them to be mounted in place. And while others come ready for fitting, there are shims that you still need to cut to the correct shape before the installation process. The shims are primarily designed to reduce brake noise, but there are also others that can perform more advanced functions. Some shims made from metal like titanium can reduce heat among the different brake parts, preventing the occurrence of brake fade and other problems associated with high temperature while preserving the life of the various brake components. Such a small and simple device, but the OES Genuine brake pad shim offers great benefits to the entire braking system.

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