OES Genuine Brake Pad Set & Accessories

For excellent braking performance, make sure to equip your ride with an OES Genuine brake pad set. Using high-quality brake pads can make a difference especially if you need to suddenly hit the brakes because of an emergency. Just imagine if you're driving on a slippery, icy road and you start to lose control. To prevent skidding, you'll need the help of your car's brake pads to slow down and be able to steer the car into the right direction. If the brake pads are faulty, you're practically at the mercy of the snow-filled road.

Because of the important role brake pads have on road safety, it's very important that you choose pads that are built to last long and perform at its best even during difficult driving situations. Every time you hit the brakes, the pads apply pressure against the rotors to stop the wheels. This means the pads are exposed to extreme amounts of pressure and friction whenever you stop your car. As such, these components are built to endure such elements. Materials typically used in making pads can include asbestos and ceramic compounds. Squeezing a fast-spinning metal disc is a difficult job but your car's brake pads are up for it. However, over time, brake fade can occur, leading to a longer stopping distance or excessive vibration when you step on the pedal. Driving with worn out brake pads isn't only dangerous; it'll also put the other parts of the brake system at risk for premature damage. To make sure you're not risking your life or your car's entire brake assembly, replace busted pads with an OES Genuine brake pad set.

"When shopping for new rear or front brake pads, opt for an OES Genuine brake pad set that's made to fit your car just right for a hassle-free installation. Using an easy-to-install replacement part can help you save a lot of money because you don't need to bring your ride to a car repair shop. Just make sure you have enough space at the garage and the right tools. Another benefit of going for OES Genuine parts is that you can completely trust them when it comes to durability. The brand has and continues to invest in high-quality facilities and equipment to ensure that each component manufactured will exceed industry standards. So if you want to make the most out of your budget, look for the OES Genuine label.

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