OES Genuine Brake Pad Sensor & Accessories

Braking disaster can be averted, thanks to the brake pad sensor of your ride-once it breaks, you need to get yourself an OES Genuine brake pad sensor to know instantly if your brake pad already needs to be replaced. The brake pad is the one that is pressed against the rotor, applying just enough pressure to create a braking force that stops or slows down the vehicle. When the brake pad becomes too thin, braking power is reduced, which isn't safe. Especially at high speeds, the vehicle may have a longer stopping distance and may skid across the slippery ground during sudden brakes. If you want to keep a tight rein over your vehicle, then you have to know when the brake pad should be replaced with a new one. This way, braking power won't be compromised.

The brake pad sensor is that U-shaped copper wire that's connected to the LED indicator on the dashboard. Most probably, you'll find a couple of brake pad sensors on your ride: the front and rear sensors. Brake pad sensors are normally used only once. To know why, let's see how the sensor works. Once the brake pad becomes too thin, around 2-mm. thick, a small plastic bump on the sensor is torn by the rotor into two. When the U-shaped wire (a.k.a. the brake pad sensor) is broken, this leads to an open circuit that will activate the LED indicator, telling you that you need new brake pads. Good thing is, you can rely on an OES Genuine brake pad sensor to eliminate the guesswork. You can have your brakes serviced instantly or the thinning brake pad replaced to ensure optimum braking performance at all times. Configuration is the least of your problems because an OES Genuine brake pad sensor is made to fit like a glove, having all the right specifications to suit the braking system of a particular vehicle.

If you're looking for top-caliber parts and accessories for automotive repairs and upgrades, OES Genuine should be on your list. It has managed to stay strong in the cutthroat aftermarket competition because of its proven track record. For many years now, it has been a brand of choice for many DIYers and car parts buyers. Not one to disappoint, OES Genuine offers precision-engineered parts to provide custom automotive solutions. For sure, an OES Genuine brake pad sensor can guarantee accurate results and trouble-free configuration.

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