OES Genuine Brake Pad Pin Clip & Accessories

It's never wise to drive with less than perfect brakes, so install a new OES Genuine Brake Pad Pin Clip as soon as you find the time. Brake pad wear is a very common problem among motorists but be careful as the pads may not be the culprit for your brakes' erratic operation, but a loose clip. Like all other parts of your vehicle, brake pad pin clips wear out over time. Once old and corroded, they may get loose. You may even lose them while driving and you'll just be surprised the next time you check them and they're already gone. If your factory clip is shot or missing, get a new brake pad pin clip right away for your own safety.

The brake pad pin clip usually fits near the brake caliper although the location may differ depending on the vehicle's model. It's quite common for drivers to break or lose this clip as their cars age. If you see any sign of wear or damage on your existing clip, replace it immediately lest it completely snaps while you're on the highway. Also, be careful when having the clip replaced in an auto repair shop. The shop may install a regular cotter clip that's not really what your car's specs require. For the best results, use an OES Genuine Brake Pad Pin Clip. Since you're replacing the clip, you might as well replace the brake pads if you've driven with them for a long time. You should also take a good look at your calipers as they might be starting to fail due to wear and age.

The smallest things in your vehicle are the ones that ensure its reliability on the road, so never underestimate the importance of a durable brake pad pin clip. There are drivers out there who would tell you to rummage for a secondhand clip at the nearest junkyard but it would be a mistake to heed such an advice. It's also dangerous to use a run-of-the-mill cotter clip ‘cause its poor construction won't hold up for a long time. Pretty soon, you may have to do the same replacement procedure all over again if you install a shoddy replacement part. To make sure your brakes are good for any length of journey, install an OES Genuine Brake Pad Pin Clip. This high-quality clip is made of the most durable materials in the industry, so it should last a long time without giving you any problem.

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