OES Genuine Brake Master Cylinder & Accessories

It is impossible to achieve optimum brake performance if your vehicle lacks an OES Genuine brake master cylinder. A brake system without this part is like running across a slippery floor using a pair of shoes that doesn't have rubber soles. Yes, you'll definitely end up slipping and sliding-and your car would probably face the same kind of disastrous consequence as well if you don't fully equip the brake system with high quality OES Genuine parts. Your safety and that of your passengers' greatly depend on the brake system, so make sure the one you have under your hood is completely equipped with the proper brake components. Horrific accidents often occur when the brake parts perform poorly. You'll have a hard time decelerating your vehicle once the brake system becomes defective, and when this happens, only a miracle can save you from critical road disaster.

Enter the OES Genuine brake master cylinder. It's one of those parts you think you can do well without, but you're completely wrong. First off, the brake system needs hydraulic pressure-and a lot of it-in order to run efficiently. Second, what's the use of a brake fluid if there's no device to help deliver it to the right components? The brake master cylinder does both functions in a snap of its metal fingers, or to put it simply, it performs these operations once your foot steps on the brake pedal. That's probably why this device is called the ‘master' cylinder-because it triggers the rest of the system into action by converting the pressure from your foot into hydraulic pressure that in turn pushes the brake fluid so the other components would spring into action, like the brake calipers and the drum brakes, for instance.

Generally, the OES Genuine brake master cylinder has a long life span and is highly reliable so you'll have minimal problems when it comes to performance. But like all car components, this part is also susceptible to wear and tear, especially if it has been used beyond the recommended mileage mark. An obvious sign of a failing OES Genuine brake master cylinder would be a sudden change in the brake pedal pressure. The pedal will ‘soften' or will be ‘squishy' when you step on it, a clear indication that the brake fluid has leaked internally. Constant pressure is usually the culprit, but there may be some other factors too, such as a defective grommet. Brake fluid loss may occur and you have to do immediately address this problem since this could significantly destroy your entire brake system.

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