OES Genuine Brake Light Switch & Accessories

If you notice that your brake lights don't come on after depressing the brake pedal and your tests reveal that the bulbs are in good working condition, it may be time for you to get an OES Genuine brake light switch. You see, it is the said switch that permits flow of current to the circuit, thus causing the stop light bulbs to illuminate. If it gets faulty and the stop lights fail to light up, people behind your vehicle won't know that your ride is stopping or slowing down, and it can result in collisions that can be fatal. You sure don't want that to happen, do you? So before driving your ride off the parking lot, you better check first if the lights in front and in the rear are working well.

Despite the important role it plays in your safety, your brake light switch isn't hard to inspect and definitely not costly to replace. As long as you have a replacement OES Genuine brake light switch along with basic tools like wrench set and screw driver, you can get the task done without the help of a pro. That's because the switch from OES Genuine offers direct fit so it needs no modification just to suit well in your light assembly. This can give you lots of savings because aside from reasonably priced OES Genuine product, you are also spared from paying the services of a pro, which often don't come cheap.

Aside from being a relay that tells the brake light to come on when the brake pedal is pressed, the brake light switch in some vehicles is also used for other functions. If your ride is one of such, you should use only OES Genuine brake light switch to be sure that it won't fail in doing other tasks such as activating the shift lock in automatic transmission vehicles and serving as cut off switch for your cruise control. When employed for the latter task, the switch informs the cruise control unit or the computer that the brakes are applied so that cruise control will be cut off, thus allowing deceleration. On the other hand, if the OES Genuine brake light switch will also be used for the shift lock, it can prevent accidental rolling and acceleration by ensuring first that the brake pedal is stepped on before you can put your ride into gear.

With a reliable brake light switch from OES Genuine, you have nothing to worry about even if you use it for all the above mentioned functions because this brand doesn't only ensure exact fit but also high quality and durability. And where else can you find an OES Genuine brake light switch with Low Price Guarantee than here at Parts Train? If you don't have time to go through our choices, you can always call our sales representatives anytime of the day and you will be surprised with how professional and satisfying our customer service is. Low-cost shipping is also assured. So place your order today!