OES Genuine Brake Drum & Accessories

Safety first-that's what they always say, and the ultimate protection for your vehicle lies in reliable brake system components, such as an OES Genuine brake drum. Having a faulty brake system may lead to some horrific consequences, such as a major highway collision and severe body injuries, if not death. In some action movies, a malfunctioning brake system would even cause the death of the villain or one of the main characters. You can already see an inevitable crash and an eventual death scene coming when the actor is trying to step on the brake pedal and the car would not stop. If your brake system wouldn't activate once you press your foot down on the brake pedal, the situation may fill you up with terror and panic. Prepare yourself for a bone-breaking, life-threatening collision once your brake system fails to do its job. But that kind of situation doesn't need to happen though. All you need to do is to equip the brake system with the right components, say an OES Genuine brake drum and brake shoes to ensure the entire mechanism performs the way it should.

Some car experts would argue that a brake drum is already an obsolete automotive component and that you should just hide it within the bowels of your cramped garage. Many would prefer brake discs over the old-fashioned drums since the former has already become a standard in brake systems. But one must remember that before brake discs were incorporated in vehicles, brake drums were already in existence as the primary means to help slow down or completely stop the vehicle's wheels from running. Most car manufacturers still use brake drums on the rear wheels and this part works exactly like the brake discs. There's a slight difference between the two though. The brake drums use brake shoes to stop your vehicle, while the brake discs use brake pads. Both are effective in stopping the vehicle, but an OES Genuine brake drum is still one of the most reliable ways to decelerate your wheels.

But how exactly does this part work? Well, friction plays a large role in stopping your vehicle and aids the brake system components in bringing the wheels to a complete halt. An OES Genuine brake drum is constructed using durable cast iron or aluminum and the metal housing is firmly attached onto your vehicle's wheels by means of a strong set of bolts. When you press your foot on the brake pedal, the brake shoes are squeezed against the drum's surface using springs and a piston. The motion produces friction-and a lot of it-in order to stop the rotation of your wheels, thus freezing to a halt the entire vehicle.

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