OES Genuine Brake Disc & Accessories

Never compromise your driving safety - replace the damaged rotor in your car with a new OES Genuine brake disc. The brake disc is one of the fundamental components of the braking system, the absence of which can compromise your entire braking efficiency and safety. Even if you have a high-quality brake pad set or a top-of-the-line caliper set, your braking won't be efficient if your car's brake disc is failing. This disc provides the surface against which the pads clamp, generating the friction needed to bring your car to a halt.

The brake disc or rotor does not normally wear easily. Whereas the brake pads require periodic replacement due to the wearing of their friction materials over time, the disc can go a long way without needing replacement. However, this doesn't mean that the said part is altogether immune to damage. It can also succumb to wear and deterioration over time because of several factors. Extreme brake heat can cause the rotor to warp, its surface melting, and this makes the surface uneven. Because of this, braking becomes less efficient because of poor contact between the pads and rotor surface. Failure to replace brake pads in due time can also cause damage on the brake disc - contact between the metal backing of the pads and the surface of the disc can lead to grooving, which also reduces braking efficiency. When you notice these problems in your stock brake disc, never hesitate to get a new OES Genuine brake disc as a replacement.

And when looking for a new disc, be sure that you pick one with solid structural design, one that won't cave in to extreme pressure during braking. Also, pick an OES Genuine brake disc that is vented, one that can easily dissipate heat to keep the brakes at the correct temperature level and prevent overheating and other related problems. You can get a slotted brake disc set, a cross-drilled set of rotors, or one with a combination of the two designs. And to keep your new OES Genuine brake disc in good shape for a long time, be sure that you conduct periodic maintenance - especially on the pads. Replace them periodically, either according to the interval indicated in your car manual or according to the results of your regular inspection.

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