OES Genuine Brake Caliper Bolt & Accessories

A damaged brake caliper bolt can have grave effects on the condition of the brake caliper and the operation of the various parts of your braking system, so replace this bolt at once with a new OES Genuine brake caliper bolt. This bolt is the hardware that holds the caliper in place. It slides and moves every time you apply the brakes, while the pads clamp against the rotor. To keep the operation of this hardware smooth, proper lubrication is a must. If lubrication is lost, the tendency for the bolt is to seize. When this happens, you will notice some noise coming from the brake area, especially when you are braking or accelerating. In some instances, you'll also experience pulling to one side while applying the brakes.

It is important that you inspect the bolt when you suspect any problem, and that you replace it with a new OES Genuine brake caliper bolt should you find it damaged. Why? Well, a damaged bolt equates to a reduction in braking efficiency. It may not cause immediate brake failure, but the effect would be significant to your overall braking performance. Braking will be uneven because of the pull. The brake pads will also wear unevenly-the pad on the side where the damaged bolt is located won't wear off because of the seizure, while the pad on the side of the functioning bolt will wear faster as it works.

So how do you know when the bolt is already damaged and when you already need a new OES Genuine brake caliper bolt? What should you check when doing an inspection? Well, check the caliper and pull the bolt to see its condition. Try to push and pull the bolt. If it is properly functioning, it should move. However, if you find that it has seized, unable to move because of corrosion, then you have a problem. In many instances, all you will need is to lube it to address the seizure issue. Just apply sufficient amount of grease and leave it for a while until the grease settles. Then, check whether the bolt returns to its functional condition. If it doesn't, you can try applying some more force to take it off. Some drivers even torch it just to remove the said part. Once it is removed, check whether it can still be salvaged. All it may need is cleaning to remove the corrosion and restore it to good shape. However, if you find that it is already damaged (if it is cracked, for instance), then discard it and get a new OES Genuine brake caliper bolt at once.

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