OES Genuine Brake Caliper & Accessories

Safety is a priority when hitting the road so get the damaged caliper of your brake system replaced with the OES Genuine brake caliper. This replacement will surely preserve the performance of your braking system by first, restoring the functions of your clamping device. It is designed to respond fast to every applied pressure on the pedal. A major part of the braking system, using this highly reliable and responsive OES Genuine brake caliper whenever the original equipment fails will surely guarantee fast and effective braking performance. With this, you can rest assured that you are totally secured from any untoward incidences on the road.

The OES Genuine brake caliper will work to receive braking command thru its pistons configured on either side, forming an inverted V figure. These pistons are connected to braking lines where pressurized braking fluid is flown towards it, thereby pushing it with the force that depends on how much pressure has been applied on the braking pedal. Laid out facing each other, these pistons will be pushed inward until they contact the spinning brake disc. This disc, in turn, is attached to the wheels via the inner hub, mimicking its motion. The friction that these brake parts will generate will be converted to heat energy, which will actually stop the rotation of the disc. Since the brake disc and the wheels move as one, the wheels are also stopped and the vehicle halts.

This function of a brake caliper is definitely heavy-duty and will eventually take toll on its service life. When this part becomes irregular, you are at a fatal risk and everyone else in the same area. The only way to correct this problem is replacement and what you need is an equally tough alternative that OES Genuine can offer. Every true-rated OES Genuine brake caliper is designed to match the high standards set for OE and/or factory calipers. This way, compatibility and performance issues will never arise during installation or in the operation. Mounting of this product in place of the old part is actually a job intended for DIYers. It is also manufactured using high grade, weightless materials and machined using state-of-the-art facilities, guaranteeing every auto owner and/or enthusiast's basic safety on the road.

Every new and authentic OES Genuine brake caliper distributed in the market comes complete with the necessary mounting hardware, accessories, and installation manual. Using these inclusions appropriately will guarantee the best brake restoration result from this installation project. So go for real quality replacements, buy original OES Genuine only from reputable providers in the industry. And you don't have to search further; you are at the right place! Parts Train is a direct business partner of the brand and all other top brands in the automotive manufacturing industry. We offer their complete line of brake caliper products for virtually all makes and models of automobiles on-site and we guarantee the lowest prices in the trade. Post order/s now and provide shipping information so we can ship right away!