OES Genuine Brake Booster Vacuum Hose & Accessories

You step on your car's brake pedal and, in an instant, your vehicle comes to a halt - you have the OES Genuine brake booster vacuum hose to thank for providing vacuum to the brake booster and making the brakes more efficient. The brake booster is a complete assembly of parts designed to provide assistance when braking. It supplies additional force to the brake master cylinder every time you step on the brake pedal, so you are able to bring your entire vehicle to a stop with just a little effort required on your part. The added pressure provided by the brake booster makes it possible to bring several tons of moving automobile into a stop with ease.

The brake booster works with vacuum - the primary element used in its operation. That vacuum comes from the intake manifold, and it reaches the booster through the brake booster vacuum hose. The operation relies on the presence of vacuum and atmospheric pressure inside the booster chamber, opposite forces that go against each other and cause the rod from the booster to push on the master cylinder piston - it is this power assist which makes braking easy and almost effortless. For the brake booster to continue working well, it should always have enough vacuum inside it. Your OES Genuine brake booster vacuum hose should always be in top shape, capable of holding and delivering sufficient amount of vacuum to the assembly at all times.

And to maintain your braking efficient, you have to watch out for possible wear and tear on the hose. The problems that plague vacuum hoses are similar to those that affect all the other hoses in your vehicle - tearing and leaking, blockage, as well as total collapse. A torn hose will almost always leak vacuum, and the result here would be insufficient power assist to the brakes. Meanwhile, if there is blockage in the hose, the vacuum won't be able to reach the booster. The first symptom that you will notice if there is a problem with the vacuum hose is the additional amount of force needed to bring your car to a stop. The pedal will be stiffer, and you'd have to exert more effort when braking. This can be dangerous during critical instances when proper and prompt braking could mean the difference between danger and safety, so be sure you maintain your OES Genuine brake booster vacuum hose properly and you check it once in a while for possible damage.

Should you find the part already failing, don't hesitate to replace it with a new one to restore the efficiency of the brake booster. Be sure you get the same OES Genuine brake booster vacuum hose to guarantee the same quality that you've enjoyed for years. And, finding this component is not a problem - we have just the right part here at Parts Train! Offering more than 1 million auto parts and accessories, we have even hard-to-find parts for rare vehicle makes and models. Find your needed OES Genuine brake booster vacuum hose in our catalog today!