OES Genuine Brake Booster & Accessories

If you compare the entire weight of your vehicle and the amount of force that your leg can exert on the brake pedal when braking, you'd think the braking process is almost a miracle - understanding the way the OES Genuine brake booster works will help you realize how everything becomes possible. Without a booster, you can't possibly stop your car because it's just way too heavy. It is the booster that provides the extra pressure that enables the brakes to work well, and the science behind its operation is called force multiplication. Whatever force you apply on the brake pedal, the booster multiplies until it becomes sufficient in bringing your car to a halt.

The secret behind the operation of every OES Genuine brake booster is vacuum, an element that comes from the intake manifold. When you take a peek under your vehicle hood, you'll see this component as a cylindrical canister, with a hose leading to the manifold for vacuum supply. The hose draws the air inside the canister and delivers it to the manifold in order to maintain vacuum inside the booster. Inside the canister is a diaphragm that divides the part into two sections, and both sections contain vacuum. When you step on the brake pedal, it opens a valve on one side of the canister and allows air to enter that side - one side has air while the other side has vacuum. The pressure increase that this causes is the reason behind the extra force that enables braking to become possible and even easy.

The efficiency of a brake booster greatly depends on its capacity to retain and handle vacuum. When you get and install a new OES Genuine brake booster, be sure that you don't skip on periodic maintenance and inspection of its individual parts. Booster leaks commonly occur on the vacuum hose after many years of service - the hose cracks or tears, causing vacuum to seep out. The diaphragm is another booster component that you must regularly check for wear. Pay attention to any irregularity when you brake, such as a very low pedal position or any pedal resistance every time you're braking. These problems warrant immediate attention while they are not yet that serious, or you may find yourself unable to put your car to a stop in the most critical moment.

The OES Genuine brake booster is one of the most reliable boosters available in the market today, and it is stringently crafted to meet the specifications of the vehicles it is designed for - down to the last measure. It is ideal as an OEM replacement to your damaged booster, and you can find it here at Parts Train. Offering hard-to-find auto parts and accessories since 1995, we carry a complete array of products for different vehicles. Just browse our catalog, click on your needed OES Genuine brake booster, and you're on your way to restoring your car's braking efficiency. And for all your other braking needs, feel free to check our selection.