OES Genuine Brake Band Piston & Accessories

The ability to slow your vehicle down is a must-have for any driver who wants to ensure his own safety as well as the safety of others, and an OES Genuine brake band piston can help you achieve exactly that. While many enthusiasts are all about hitting neck-breaking speeds, a seasoned auto aficionado understands that having effective stopping power is just as important as being able to jet down the freeway. By keeping your brake system working like a well-oiled machine, you increase your chances of having worry and accident-free driving wherever you go.

Your brake system is comprised of numerous components including the brake pads, brake pump, and brake band. You activate this system through the use of your brake pedal which triggers the brakes and bring your vehicle to a reduced speed or to a complete halt. If any one of the components of this system is worn out or broken, you run the risk of brake failure and even road accidents. Two pieces of this intricate assembly that you must maintain are the brake band and the brake band piston. The brake band is a round device made of flat metal with a smooth outer surface and a rough inner surface. When tightened or loosened around a shaft, the friction that's produced slows down the rotation of the shaft. Often affixed to a transmission, a brake band may also be manufactured using steel and comes with a friction material on its underside to aid in slowing down drum rotation. To apply pressure to the brake band, you'll need a brake band piston-or an OES Genuine brake band piston to be specific-to do the job. A brake band piston is what provides the force necessary to loosen or tighten the brake band that will gradually decrease the speed of your vehicle. If ever this item brakes down or wears out, you best have it replaced using a brand new OES Genuine brake band piston.

The brake band and brake band piston are considered to be vital parts of your emergency braking system, serving as your last line of defense in the event of main brake system failure. Keeping these items in mint condition is key to their effectiveness and an OES Genuine brake band piston will help you do just that. OES Genuine never cuts corners in their effort to provide vehicle owners like yourself with top-notch auto products. Aftermarket items provided by OES Genuine are made of quality material and are sure to match your vehicle.

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