OES Genuine Blower Regulator Cable & Accessories

If you start to notice that the flow of air from your A/C is too weak, then you might have a faulty blower and it's time for you to replace its components with items like the OES Genuine Blower Regulator Cable. The A/C's blower is an electromechanical component that's susceptible to a variety of problems that are electrical in nature. Causes of a malfunctioning blower may range from blown fuses to faulty cables that are easily traced and fixed. Should this component fail completely, you're in for a very uncomfortable ride since your A/C won't be working properly at all. It's easy enough to diagnose which part in this system is broken and replacing these parts should be simple enough for anyone to do on their own.

A blower that pushes air too hard or too soft can be an irritating problem to have in any vehicle. You wouldn't want to get all sweaty or too cold just because you can't seem to control your car's blower speed. The blower regulator is responsible for adjusting the speed of the blower motor so you may get the proper amount of warm or cold air that you need in your vehicle's cabin. But like all parts, this item may wear out or some of its components may break down. Erratic speeds or even a completely nonfunctioning blower can be traced to a faulty blower regulator cable and this should be replaced with an OES Genuine Blower Regulator Cable immediately so that you can get back full control of your vehicle's A/C.

It's easy to install a replacement blower regulator cable as most aftermarket parts like this are screwed or snapped into place without any special tool required. Always remember to unplug your car battery before working on this part to avoid getting accidentally electrocuted. Begin by reading through your vehicle's manual to locate your old cable and see if there are instructions on how to remove it properly. But for most cars, it's just as simple as unscrewing it from its mount and plugging in your new OES Genuine Blower Regulator Cable. Then just check your A/C by trying all the speed selections and they should start blowing in the correct amount of cold or warm air into your car's cabin.

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