OES Genuine Blower Motor Resistor & Accessories

If your idea of a hell ride is getting stuck in a cabin that's either too stuffy or nippy, you'd better pull the plug on that crummy electrical unit and switch to a trusty OES Genuine blower motor resistor. The summer heat may be hard to beat and the winter may bring in the biting cold, but the weather outside won't matter at all if the A/C or heater can be tuned easily to your preferred fan setting. The blower motor resistor is that hardworking fellow that supplies the needed amount of resistance to control the spin speed of the motor and, ultimately, cool or warm air that flows out of the vents.

The resistor comes in two types. One consists of differently-sized coils of wire for different fan speeds that require different levels of resistance; the other is a printed circuit board with its own electronic circuit. Because of changing temperatures from heating and cooling, the circuit board may break. The resistor may not be able to power up the motor and no air may come out of the vents. When any of the coils snap, the fan may only work at certain speeds, regardless of what setting you put it on. Getting stuck at the same speed means lack of resistance, something you can blame on a faulty blower motor resistor. You may still consider yourself lucky if it's only the resistor you have to replace and not the entire blower motor. An OES Genuine blower motor resistor will make a great replacement, letting you enjoy all-season driving in a properly ventilated cabin.

OES Genuine is a brand of choice for many do-it-yourselfers and auto mechanics who are in the market for high-quality aftermarket parts. Having been in the business for many years now, it has established itself not just as a popular brand but also a name many people associate with uncompromising quality. It takes great pains in building parts that work, last, and fit the rig perfectly. That's why when you buy an OES Genuine blower motor resistor, it's as if you're getting a stock part straight from the dealership, minus the hefty price. You can count on the great fit and performance of an OES Genuine blower motor resistor, which is precision-engineered for the specific requirements of your vehicle. Rest assured that heavy-duty materials are used to withstand heavy use and to prevent premature failure.

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