OES Genuine Battery Hold Down Plate & Accessories

An OES Genuine Battery Hold Down Plate is a superb solution if you need to replace the existing hold down plate that keeps your ride's battery in place. You'll need to fix the plate problem as soon as possible to make sure that the battery is always kept in its proper place and that it won't be affected by bumps on the road as well as other situations that involve impact.

While all automotive batteries are completely closed off to prevent the compounds inside from leaking out, it isn't a good thing if your car's battery keeps bouncing around with every slight nudge your vehicle gets. Batteries don't come cheap, and this is why you'll need to make sure it stays in place properly so that it won't fail prematurely. Keeping the hold down plate in excellent condition is important regardless of battery type, but it becomes much more necessary when your vehicle makes use of a lead-acid battery. That's because acid could spill out of the battery when your car is shaken by impact. Constantly going through rough terrain, exposure to high temperature, contact with various types of fluid, and your classic case of wear and tear are all factors that affect the longevity of your ride's stock hold down plate. When it can no longer do its job, you'll need a replacement to keep the battery secure-and that's where the OES Genuine Battery Hold Down Plate comes in.

When it comes to original equipment replacement options, OES Genuine offers excellent solutions that not only cover a wide range of vehicle applications but are also sure to keep you well within your budget. Those options include a high-quality OES Genuine Battery Hold Down Plate that will surely serve you well for a considerable period of time. Each replacement is built using top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment and has been tested thoroughly to ensure total quality and reliability. Plus, you can rest assured knowing that each one is backed by the manufacturer's warranty. The coverage is good for up to 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

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