OES Genuine Banjo Fitting & Accessories

There are a lot of fluids flowing in and out of various components inside your car. You've got oil, fuel, hydraulic fluid, and many more. When something starts to leak and these fluids begin to trickle out, you're sure to have a mess on your garage floor and a growing problem with your vehicle. For most car owners, it's too late to detect these defects ahead of time and your only warning will be a puddle of liquid underneath your car. Apart from the usual gaskets, fuel lines, and other parts where these fluids go through, you also need to check your banjo fittings for corrosion and cracks as a high pressure leak may also occur from this item. When you've narrowed it down to a worn out banjo fitting, make sure that you replace that ASAP with a compatible OES Genuine Banjo Fitting.

The banjo fitting is actually a small hollow bolt that's often used for oil, fuel, and hydraulic systems in your car. It's more proper to call it an internally relieved bolt but it should be easier to remember it as a banjo fitting because of its shape and the circle shaped hole. You can find these in parts like the brake caliper connectors, turbo charger oil feeds, power steering system, fuel filter connectors, hydraulic clutch systems, and more. Since these items come in contact with fluid, corrosion can be a factor in them wearing out. When you notice a leak from any of these items, replace them with an OES Genuine Banjo Fitting in order to stop that leak quickly.

These bolts are easy to remove and install that you won't need any special tools to accomplish the job. For most installations, a torque wrench would do and the resulting fitting should provide adequate fluid pressure without any leaks. Just loosen your old banjo fitting and unscrew it from its place, screw on your new one and you're good to go. Just be careful not to over tighten them as you may break these because they are hollow inside. Make sure to consult your car's manual to see how tight you need to screw these on without affecting their performance. No need to worry about the OES Genuine Banjo Fitting since they are particularly designed for specific vehicle makes and models to ensure a proper fit and leak free performance.

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