OES Genuine Ball Joint & Accessories

When the wheels turn and you hear something click, snap, or squeak, chances are, your ball joints are all dried up, corroded, or simply worn out-so those annoying clicking sounds won't turn into a thud till you finally feel that shimmy, replace them using a top-of-the-line OES Genuine ball joint. Save yourself from sloppy steering and suspension. Once the ball joint goes bad, your vehicle's compromised drivability is not the only thing you have to worry about. Damage to other parts like your tires and tie rods can be a bigger problem if you turn a blind eye on this.

Your vehicle's ball joint consists mainly of a ball and socket-a pivot between the suspension and wheels. It connects the control arm to the steering knuckles, letting vehicle suspension move along with the wheels as they turn. Seeing the position they're in and the crucial role they have to fill in, this suspension part is put under a lot of stress. Dirt, road debris, and rust may build up around the ball joint, leading to its eventual wear. When it's already loose, that's when you'll start hearing some strange suspension noise while steering the wheels or driving over bumps or right into potholes. The joint's excessive play will cause tire wear (with noticeable patterns like cupping and scalloping) and ruin wheel alignment. And you know what this means-poor handling! As you step on the gas, you may notice lack of control over your vehicle. It may feel like the wheels have a mind of their own as they wander. This is a kind of predicament you wouldn't want to be in just because you didn't take the time to fix the bad ball joint as soon as you can. So, as soon you notice any of these signs, be sure to get a replacement right away.

Replacement ball joints are widely available these days. But to ensure quality, don't just get from any brand - make sure it's from OES Genuine. The OES Genuine ball joint is designed for heavy use - it can withstand all sorts of road punishment. It is also made for a specific type of suspension, so you know for sure that the new OES Genuine ball joint will have the exact OE details for custom fitting. You don't even have to hire a mechanic to do the replacement for you. Just get the tools ready such as floor jack, jack stand, torque wrench, ball joint separator, and ball peen hammer and you're good to go.

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