OES Genuine Balance Shaft Gear & Accessories

It's not a surprise that you don't know how an OES Genuine balance shaft gear works. Well, we don't want to sound condescending but if you are a new driver, you may not have popped you engine open just yet. Chances are, you don't know what a balance shaft gear is. Well, this might be the right time to learn something about it. See, the balance shaft gear of your engine has a vital task based on its name. It balances out the rotational forces of the timing belts and other accessory belts so that these belts can continuously power the engine and other peripheral parts of your car properly. But more than that, the balance shaft gear is part of the balance shaft which is vital to proper combustion timing.

See, the balance shaft is an eccentric bar, meaning, it is cylindrical in shape and has a gear, such as the OES Genuine balance shaft gear or axle, on one or each of its ends. In case of the most V engines, two balance shafts can be found rotating at high speeds to counteract the forces inside it. Why the need for the balance shaft? Well, because of some inconstancy in the power generated after combustion, there will be a slight difference in the angles of the engine under the hood. You might not notice it but after driving for so many years, you may experience hearing those irritating vibrations coming from your engine because it's angle and dangerously adjacent to other parts. The job of the balance shaft is to keep the weight of the engine balanced by spinning at a high speeds. The shaft adjusts the vibrations by subtracting or adding weight the area that needs it. And this process is called dynamic balancing.

How does the balance shaft do it? Well, it uses a gear that is linked mainly to the timing belt, which is linked to the crankshaft and cam shaft pulleys. So it actually gets its spinning power from the combustion of fuel. Once the engine is brought up to a specific combustion speed, the ECU will read the sensor's information of the balance shaft and the balance gear to adjust the weight distribution inside the engine. But without a fully-functional OES Genuine balance shaft gear, eventually, engine efficiency will dip. So if your ears are aching because of the noise coming from your engine, you might want your trusted mechanic to check on your engine's balance shaft. If he recommends you purchase a balance shaft gear right away, just find Parts Train online.

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