OES Genuine Axle Bearing Carrier & Accessories

How about securing your safety on the road with a durable hardware like the OES Genuine axle bearing carrier? This axle assembly replacement will hold the shaft in place while at the same time, allows it to move freely in directions the wheels are directed to. If there's irregularity in this function, there's a replacement need. A play in the shaft or if its bearing carrier is actually looking donned and dull, that's the time the heavy-duty axle bearing carrier from OES Genuine becomes necessary. This replacement will keep the axle from flapping, wear, and falling. Allowing any of these to happen is basically detrimental to your wheels assembly and thus yourself. They may come off and go astray, which can result to a fatal road incident. At the first sign of damage then, make it a point to get an exact OES Genuine axle bearing carrier replacement from only this leading brand in the industry.

The main function of an axle bearing carrier is to hold the axle shaft in place, which in turn, holds two opposite wheels of the vehicle. If it fails, everything else in the assembly will also fail. Its function is highly critical; it has to serve as a tough load-carrying structure while at the time, enabling free movements on the shaft. Simultaneously, it has to govern the vehicle to the direction parallel to that of the wheels. These functions are going to take toll in the performance of the axle, but first, it will wear the bearing carrier. Once cracks, leaks, or audible noise is already heard from this hardware, the solution is OES Genuine axle bearing carrier. And whenever safety is at stake, there's no reason to settle for anything less than the reputable alternative that the brand offers.

Installing a new axle bearing carrier from OES Genuine is easy, given its location on the vehicle. The difficult phase is removing the old part, which will require disconnecting the entire shaft from the carrier. And to do this, the wheel and brake assemblies must be removed first using Impact and Allen wrenches. There will be four mounting nuts holding the axle to the rear-end housing that needs to be removed with an appropriate size of socket while generating resistance using an Impact wrench. At this point, the bearing is already exposed and ready to remove. Tap it with a hammer and/or punch but make sure that its exact position is already marked for the replacement.

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