OES Genuine Axle Assembly & Accessories

If you like going on rough terrains, rocky routes, and rugged paths, you should definitely get an OES Genuine axle assembly to equip your ride with the best unit available. Going off-road requires a tough set of wheels simply because traveling on difficult courses would require you to drive over massive obstacles which include sharp rocks, muddy roads, and slippery slopes. In order to succeed, your vehicle needs to have a fully functional set of axle assembly which would provide the flexibility and versatility it needs to conquer these roads. These should also be strong enough to propel the tires forward and to support the constantly shifting weight due to the uneven trails. An OES Genuine axle assembly has been engineered specifically to serve as an answer to these needs. Choosing one for your auto is surely a wise decision.

But even if you are not an off-road driver, you should still get this unit especially if you have a big-sized vehicle which transports loads of cargo every day. Composed of an axle, hub, bearings, and seals, one type of axle is designed for live-axle suspension system. It works to send the rotating force and torque from the transmission to the wheels. An indispensable unit for every automobile which has 4-wheel drive, it maintains the position relative to each wheel and to the vehicle body. This type of axle, such as this OES Genuine axle assembly, also carries the load of the vehicle including its cargo. Another type is the non-driving axle which is commonly found in heavy-duty trucks and a few 2WD light trucks. Its main duty is simply to serve as a suspension and steering component.

Because of the extremely wearing nature of its job, it is important to maintain the assembly at regular intervals. Some symptoms of a bad axle assembly include pronounced shaking or vibration of your vehicle once you increase your speed and difficulty in shifting directions. You might also hear a click when you turn the wheel all the way and accelerate. Another symptom may be a growling sound which emanates from the bottom of the vehicle and is usually the prelude to handling problems. If you should ever encounter any of these signs, it is probably time to switch to an OES Genuine axle assembly as soon as possible.

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