OES Genuine Auxiliary Fan Motor & Accessories

You can consider the motor of your car's auxiliary fan as its brain, so never leave it in a damaged state or the fan will not function - replace a damaged motor with an OES Genuine auxiliary fan motor. The auxiliary fan works hand in hand with the radiator, blowing air into the radiator fins to cool down the coolant that is passing through. This cooling is the primary means of heat dissipation, and its absence can cause engine overheating. This condition often brings a lot of troubles with it, so do everything you can to prevent it - keeping all radiator and auxiliary fan parts in good shape is the first step.

The auxiliary fan is like any other fan in your car - it is composed of the same parts such as the motor, the blades, and the shroud. The blades are the components that spin when powered, driving cool air into the radiator to speed up the heat dissipation process. The blades are encased in the shroud, the part that serves as their housing and case. The operation of the entire fan is powered by the fan motor, depending on the temperature of the coolant - the higher the coolant temp, the faster the spinning of the fan. In most instances, the fan also works together with the AC condenser, blowing air into it when the AC is turned on. These very important functions won't be possible without a good motor. So, it is only wise to get a top-quality one similar to the OES Genuine auxiliary fan motor.

A damaged motor is one of the leading causes of auxiliary fan failure, and this is only the beginning of many other troubles to come if the problem is not immediately addressed. Fortunately, fan damage is easy to detect, no matter what the cause. If you notice the fan rattling while in operation, or if the spinning of the blades is intermittent, this is one sign of possible problem. Another is insufficient cool air coming from the AC system. Should you notice any of these, be sure that you inspect each auxiliary fan part to determine the problem. If the culprit is the motor, don't hesitate to replace it with a new OES Genuine auxiliary fan motor. This is a reliable component that will work well with all other parts of your car's auxiliary fan.

Installing the OES Genuine auxiliary fan motor is an easy task - no need to entrust the process to an auto mechanic and spend additional dollars on installation. The mounting is straightforward, and you will only need a wrench and a screwdriver to complete the task. And when it comes to your source of an OES Genuine auxiliary fan motor, that's not a problem as well. You can rely on Parts Train for all your needed aftermarket auto parts - from direct-fit replacements to performance upgrades. We offer our products at very affordable prices, so there's no need to spend a lot. Just check our catalog anytime and place your order.