OES Genuine Auxiliary Cooling Fan & Accessories

Overheating is such a dangerous scenario, so you have to prevent it at all costs-equip your vehicle with a high-quality OES Genuine auxiliary cooling fan. This component helps the radiator fan in keeping the engine at the correct temperature by continuously dissipating the heat that the coolant has collected. The coolant passes through the radiator fins, and the fan blows air towards the fins in order to cool the said substance. Simple as this function may be, this plays a very important role in keeping the engine in proper operating temperature and in a functional condition.

The OES Genuine auxiliary cooling fan is like any other fan, composed of parts like the blades and shroud. This fan is designed to turn on when the coolant reaches a certain level of temperature, and the speed of its spinning varies according to the said temperature level-the higher the temp, the faster the fan spins to provide the necessary cooling. Aside from this, the fan also blows air towards the AC condenser, removing Freon heat to keep the cabin properly cooled. These dual functions make the OES Genuine auxiliary cooling fan a very important addition to your ride. You may have the best engine fan under your hood, but the absence of an auxiliary fan to support it can still significantly reduce the efficiency of the cooling system.

It therefore pays to get a high-quality fan as a form of engine protection. And when you already have the fan mounted, always keep it in good condition to ensure that it will remain capable of cooling the engine in whatever driving condition. Pay attention to any indication of problem in the fan and address it immediately. Among the first symptoms of fan damage is not-very-cold output from the air conditioning system. The compressor may also exhibit some abnormal noise because of insufficient cooling in the system, and the problem can damage the said part if it is not immediately addressed. And, eventually, insufficient cooling of the coolant can lead to engine overheating, a very costly and a rather hassle-filled problem. Therefore, it is important that you address any fan issue at once-don't wait for the problem to become more serious. If you find your stock fan damaged, replace it with an OES Genuine auxiliary cooling fan.

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