OES Genuine Automatic Transmission Shift Linkage Clip & Accessories

When you notice a problem while your car's automatic transmission shifts gears, you might be looking at a missing or broken clip that you need to replace with a compatible OES Genuine Automatic Transmission Shift Linkage Clip. Driving a vehicle that has an automatic transmission is a breeze since you won't have to worry about manually shifting gears while going in and out of traffic. Although there's a huge benefit in driving an automatic, they can be a pain when something goes seriously wrong with their components. The transmission system is a sophisticated mechanism that relies on a lot of parts in order to function properly. Add to that the complexities of an automatic transmission and you've got added parts and accessories that you need to maintain or replace once they wear out. A common part that owners of automatic vehicles usually replace will be their shift linkage clips.

When your car has a broken or missing shift linkage clip, you won't be able to shift or engage specific gears in your automatic transmission system which could be a big problem if you're stuck far from a car repair shop or mechanic. Your shift linkage clip is a type of retainer clip that's responsible for keeping the shift linkage in place. Without it, you won't be able to access some gears in your transmission so basically, you won't be able to move your car. These small items may pop off when not installed properly or may just fall out when worn out or damaged. Once you've narrowed down a transmission problem to a faulty shift linkage clip, make sure that you replace it ASAP with an OES Genuine Automatic Transmission Shift Linkage Clip.

Should you have the necessary tools and automotive know how, then you can install or replace a shift linkage clip on your own and save money on mechanic's fees. Take a look at your car's manual or do a quick search online for a helpful website or video clip so you'll know where and how to access this part. It should just be as easy as pulling out the old clip, and snapping in the new one although it may vary depending on your car's make and model. What's important is that you replace it with a tough and durable item like the OES Genuine Automatic Transmission Shift Linkage Clip to make sure that it won't break or fall out easily like your old clip.

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