OES Genuine Automatic Transmission Selector Cable & Accessories

The OES Genuine automatic transmission selector cable is something that you need if you want to keep your automatic transmission working at its top shape. It's a vital part of your ride's automatic transmission system, and without it, your car will be having a hard timing transferring the energy that the engine produces towards the wheels. But before checking this part of your car, you have to know something about your car's automatic transmission system.

You see, in order to move forward or backward, your car has to have a transmission system, and the transmission system's job (both for manual and automatic) is to convert engine torque into speed. The automatic transmission system is mainly composed these parts: one, the torque converter which acts as the clutch that connects the automatic transmission to the engine flywheel. Two, the planetary gear set which houses the gears that shift depending on your car's acceleration and when you want to reverse. And three, the axle which transfers the energy from the engine to the differential of the car, then towards the axle to be able to move the wheels. But what people don't know, there's another part that's crucial to the performance of the entire automatic transmission system. This car component is the selector cable. So what does a selector cable such as the OES Genuine automatic transmission selector cable do? It automatically selects the right gear depending on the performance of your car with the help of the ECU. So when your selector cable wears out, your engine might be running but your car won't move at all.

Unless you are an expert DIYer, you might not want to mess with your car's automatic transmission system. This is because once a part of the transmission system gets damaged, for instance your OES Genuine automatic transmission selector cable, your car will just be stuck in your garage. If ever it does move, you'll hear lots of sounds coming from below your car signaling you that your vehicle's transmission system has a problem. To keep your car's transmission system at its best state, auto experts recommend visiting a seasoned and reliable auto-technician. If he says that you need to remove and dispose your car's selector cable, search for Parts Train on the web right away for a replacement.

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