OES Genuine Automatic Transmission Seal & Accessories

In modern vehicles, the automatic transmission is considered as the most complex mechanical system installed, so it deserves only high-quality replacement components such as OES Genuine automatic transmission seal. You see, modern automatic transmissions include mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems, as well as computer controls that need to work in perfect coordination. Any complication, even as simple as a worn out seal, can disrupt the proper functioning of these systems. So you should make sure that all the gaskets and seals employed in it are in tiptop shape at all times.

The automatic transmission is outfitted with a number of gaskets and seals that help control the flow of the hydraulic fluid. These seals also fill the gap between two mating transmission components to prevent this precious fluid from leaking out. The two main external seals included in the automatic transmission system are the front and the rear seal. With an OES Genuine automatic transmission seal in place of the front seal, you can be sure that the area where the transmission case and the torque converter meet is sealed properly. This means, the transmission fluid is allowed to move freely from the converter to the transmission without leaking out. The rear seal, on the other hand, doesn't allow fluid to go out of the output shaft.

Much like other seals in your ride, the transmission seal is usually made from durable rubber. There are times when the rubber is supported by a spring that links it to the spinning shaft. Besides these two main seals, there are other seals in the transmission that also deserve an OES Genuine automatic transmission seal as replacement the moment they get damaged. Among these are the oil pan gasket and the rubber O-ring seals found in the shaft of the shift control lever. You can also use seals in potential sources of leaks. Since the vehicle's transmission system needs to be maintained regularly to keep it working well at all times, you should always consult your owner's manual to find out when to refill your transmission fluid. The manual also tells you the replacement intervals of your transmission components such as the filter, gaskets, and seals.

But how will you know if it's time to get a replacement OES Genuine automatic transmission seal for your stock? The first sign is a pool of automatic transmission fluid under the hood which indicates that the transmission seal is possibly leaking. Another indication is when the transmission runs low on fluid even if you've just refilled it. When servicing your transmission, make sure to use only the right fluid and seals. Don't think twice in getting an OES Genuine automatic transmission seal here at Parts Train. Since it is an OES part, you can be sure that it's as efficient as your stock in containing pressure and preventing leakage. No matter what type of seal it is that you need for your ride, Parts Train has an OES Genuine replacement for that and we offer it at such a very low price. Just look through our catalog and choose from our over 1M parts in stock the one that perfectly fits your ride.