OES Genuine Automatic Transmission Protection Switch & Accessories

Automatic transmissions could be your best friend while driving in congested, city traffic; but then again, if you don't have an OES Genuine automatic transmission protection switch installed in it, the slushbox could also be your worst nightmare. There are instances that automatic transmission-equipped vehicles gets involved in accidents like unintended acceleration. Cars with slushboxes, as others would call it, come with protection switches that stop you from cranking the vehicle up when the transmission is not set in park or neutral-or shifting to either reverse or drive when you are not stepping on the brakes or not pressing the shifter's button. This way, you could prevent your vehicle from suddenly accelerating against your will.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert driver, there are times, especially when you're in a hurry that you'd forget about simple things, like stepping on the brakes or checking on the gear position. You forgetting about these things when driving an A/T-equipped car can get you involved in serious accidents-damaging your car or worst, causing you or pedestrians injury. However, these great electronics, no matter how well-built they are, will still succumb to the effects of wear and tear. When the inevitable happens, you know that it's time to get a replacement. Then again, would any replacement available be good enough to replace them? Do dirt-cheap switches that get broken easily fit the bill? The answer of course is no. That is why you need to be choosy when getting a replacement switch. Your prized vehicle only deserves a good replacement like this OES Genuine automatic transmission protection switch; but really, what makes this switch special anyway?

An OES Genuine automatic transmission protection switch is especially designed for your vehicle so it works and suits your vehicle well. Additionally, the switch is made using only the best materials and built meticulously, thus ensuring longer service life. This product doesn't only give you worry-free and safer drives; it also helps you save more money for this part is so durable and dependable to require frequent replacement. Go and save yourself from the stress of having parts breaking down every now and then. Enjoy a great, top-quality product at a price within your reach.

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