OES Genuine Automatic Transmission Pan Gasket & Accessories

Your automobile might be made to be awesome, but it still needs its fluid in order to work; replace the leaky gasket with this OES Genuine automatic transmission pan gasket right away. Made of tough materials, this product offers a longer lifespan than other competitors' offerings. Its construction allows it to be resilient to shifting temperatures so it does not easily shrink or compress. Aside from this, the unit can be installed quickly; doing it yourself won't be any problem. It has an easy-fit, secure lock design which fits quickly and seals the unit completely. Each model also has its own unique shape and styling, customized depending on the shape of the transmission. It is also sold with a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty to ensure high quality in each unit purchased. If you are looking for great value and quality, this OES Genuine automatic transmission pan gasket is the best choice.

Regularly changing the automatic transmission fluid in your vehicle ensures full operation and durability of the entire system. It is recommended to change it every 30,000 miles and to have the transmission components checked as well. One example is the pan gasket, where the fluid usually drains into. This is always exposed to harsh conditions, making it vulnerable to easy wear and tear and corrosion. Together with the fluid, this must be changed regularly in order to secure the unit properly and prevent leaks. As you might know, leaks are always bad news for any auto and are usually the cause for expensive engine repairs. Spending on fluid change and a new replacement, such as this OES Genuine automatic transmission pan gasket, is a small price to pay to avoid major engine repairs.

Here are some tips you could use in case you decide to perform the change yourself. One is to make sure that you have the complete set of tools before you begin. These include the ATF, gasket, filter, wrench, lubricant spray, rags, oil catch pan with screen, funnel, and any auto manual which provide the steps in full detail. Next, check if the transmission has a drain plug either on the pan or on the case. Also, be sure you remove the bolts carefully, and to keep them at a safe place. You wouldn't want to stress yourself out by looking for missing bolts and other components. And lastly, choose top-notch replacements which should include this OES Genuine automatic transmission pan gasket to ensure a long service lifetime and value for your money.

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