OES Genuine Automatic Transmission Gasket Set & Accessories

Servicing or replacing the transmission filter or pan of your automobile requires replacement of its seal, so you need to acquire the OES Genuine automatic transmission gasket set. This is a complete seal restoration kit designed to directly fit between the transmission case and pan of the vehicle. Because your automobile has a unique configuration, make sure that the gasket set you are getting is its perfect match. Doing this will effectively and easily restore the leak-free structure of your transmission system. Acquiring an OES Genuine product, you can rest assured that it will last longer under extreme conditions. This is especially true when the part is installed correctly and free from distortions that can be caused by over-tightening and/ or too much torque applied on its mounting bolts. For best result, there is an OES Genuine automatic transmission gasket set that exactly fit your particular transmission make and model.

The need to maintain the seal of your transmission is not only to keep the hydraulic fluid in but also to maintain the appropriate supply of this fluid in the system. If the circulating fluid leaks out, there will always be a need to replenish. If neglected, transmission performance is at stake. Also, there's the need to lock unwanted elements off the transmission case. This structure houses the valve body, the shift solenoids, and other electronic parts of the system. Damaging particulates will only pose severe damage on these components. With a durable OES Genuine automatic transmission gasket set in place of the worn seal, all of these foreseen problems are prevented from happening.

Fluid leak coming right below the transmission pan is the most visible symptom of worn transmission gasket. But you need to be meticulous about this as the drain plug has an o-ring that can also cause leaks. Still, a leak caused by the transmission gasket will have a bigger surface area compared to what the small plug can make. If it's actually the former, the first thing to do is evacuate the transmission fluid through the drain plug. The pan is bolted to the transmission case with a number of bolts. Remove all of these so you can remove the pan where the old gasket is attached. Remove the seal, clean the surface where the new OES Genuine automatic transmission gasket set will be installed, and check the particle magnet for metal debris.

If the particle magnet has little metal debris on it, you can now retrace the steps back to complete the restoration project. Otherwise, your transmission working parts are in great danger. This is the best time for you to administer maintenance or to take your automobile to your trusted mechanic for further inspection. And for the direct replacement gasket you need for this transmission preservation project, you can choose from our comprehensive automobile parts list here at Parts Train. Our site offers not only the authentic products from world-class brands. For your OES Genuine automatic transmission gasket set, we're on sale so post order now!