OES Genuine Automatic Transmission Fluid & Accessories

Even the most advanced vehicle equipped with an AT mechanism is useless if it does not have an OES Genuine automatic transmission fluid running through its entire system. This fluid is the lifeblood of your automatic transmission components, much like how the engine oil gives power to all those metal pieces fitted within your engine block. Basically, a vehicle that is operated by an automatic transmission system would not be able to move so much as an inch if it the mechanism lacks the required level of AT fluid. Well, it could still run, but prepare to experience a horrific, Final Destination-like kind of ride if the AT fluid levels are low or if the liquid hasn't been changed in a long time. Running your vehicle on old AT fluid is like drinking water that has been left on the table for days. You can still drink it, but you won't feel refreshed and its stale taste would scratch your throat so you'd feel much thirstier than you were before you drank it. You should never run your vehicle on a parched AT system because you'll surely set yourself up for a driving disaster.

But throw your worries aside because as long as you keep a stock of OES Genuine automatic transmission fluid in your garage, you'll be able to replenish the lost or old liquid quickly and restore the efficient performance of your ride in no time. Generally, AT fluid can last up to 100, 000 miles or so, but that's in a perfect world scenario where the fluid temperature remains the same even with heavy driving involved. The optimal range of temperature isn't normally reached, especially with the various driving conditions your AT system is constantly subjected to. Everyday traffic, or the stop-and-go vehicle operation, plus driving long distances and transporting heavy cargo may also affect the fluid temperature.

The liquid's heat range may go way up beyond the normal limits due to such circumstances, and when this happens, expect the AT fluid to break down, and along with that, the performance of your transmission system as well. Shifting gears won't be as easy if you have a bad AT fluid under your hood. An OES Genuine automatic transmission fluid though can quickly revitalize the dwindling energy and strength your AT system has.

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