OES Genuine Automatic Transmission Filter & Accessories

Since it plays a great role in the performance of your ride, the transmission fluid needs to be protected against contaminants and the best way to do that is to replace your stock with an OES Genuine automatic transmission filter. As its name implies, it filters the fluid that goes through the components of your automatic transmission to allow shifting of gears at the right time. It catches debris or contaminants to prevent them from jeopardizing the performance of the automatic transmission. The transmission fluid conveys the torque converter movements into the driveshafts. If it's contaminated with particles, these can stick and accumulate in shift control valves, thus affecting their operations.

It always pays big time to use a high-quality filter like the OES Genuine automatic transmission filter because you'll never know when contaminants will get in and mix with the transmission fluid. They might be in the fluid since its manufacturing date. It is also possible that they get into the transmission via the vent. Dirt can be present in the fill tube and can find their way to transmission fluid during refilling. A dirty dipstick, which is used when checking the fluid level, is another source of contaminants. But one of the common causes of impurities is normal wear, which brings about fibrous substances from clutch facings as well as metal chips from the bushings and gears within the transmission system. The good thing about the OES Genuine automatic transmission filter is, it ensures maximum filtration of dirt, so you are guaranteed with dirt free hydraulic fluid. No matter how superb your transmission filter is, auto manufacturers recommend that you replace it every two years or every 30,000 miles. This is a very easy task that can be done even by a D-I-Y vehicle owner like you. The task may include flushing the fluid completely, replacing the filter, cleaning the transmission pan, and putting in the new gasket.

Regular transmission filter maintenance pays off with improved transmission performance and extended service life. If you fail to replace your clogged or damaged stock with an OES Genuine automatic transmission filter, you'll start to experience irregular transmission shifts, leaks, delayed starts, and slipping in and out of gear. In most automatic transmissions, you'll find the filter in the transmission pan. Depending on your vehicle model, it can be secured to the transmission using clips or bolts or by means of an o-ring.

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