OES Genuine Automatic Transmission Cooling Hose & Accessories

Like the coolant in your vehicle, the transmission fluid is also used for cooling purposes-you need a high-quality OES Genuine automatic transmission cooling hose in your ride to keep the fluid circulating for efficient heat collection and dissipation. The automatic transmission fluid is primarily employed to keep the operation of metal transmission parts smooth and to make gear-changing easy. It minimizes damaging friction to maintain transmission parts in top shape. As it performs all these functions, the fluid also absorbs the heat produced during the transmission operation. And, this heat can reach very high levels-the fluid can get even hotter than the coolant that is circulating around the engine. To keep the transmission system at the correct operating temperature, the fluid is cooled in the transmission cooler, and it is the cooling hose that leads the fluid towards the said device.

The transmission cooler is integrated into your car radiator, and it works just the same as this cooling component. From the tranny assembly, the hot transmission fluid flows towards the cooler through the OES Genuine automatic transmission cooling hose. Once it reaches the cooler, the heat that it contains is dissipated with the help of outside air, the same air that is blown towards the radiator for coolant cooling. This is such an important operation because it determines not only the efficiency of the transmission assembly but as well as the lifespan of the different transmission parts. Excessive heat shortens the life of transmission components, so you can expect premature failure. And if you engage in heavy-duty driving activities like towing or offroading, the pressure on the transmission is even greater. Only a properly functioning cooler, paired with the right OES Genuine automatic transmission cooling hose, can guarantee the tranny's good condition.

So how do you find the right hose? And how do you ensure that it will work well when mounted? Well, there are different hoses available today-you need to choose one that is made from premium materials and one built with advanced design and using excellent processes. Most hoses today are already made from metal, so they don't easily succumb to damage. You can also get stainless steel braided hoses for both durability and appeal. Some hoses are available individually, while others come with fittings and clamps already included. The OES Genuine automatic transmission cooling hose is one hose that you can trust. Once it's mounted, see to it that you connect it properly to avoid possibilities of leakage. And, inspect the hose regularly to ensure that it is always in good shape, not bent or damaged in any way.

Here at Parts Train, we carry a wide range of hoses for use with the different components and systems in your vehicle. We have the OES Genuine automatic transmission cooling hose for you, together with many other products from OES Genuine. Finding the right hose for your ride is easy-just use the Part Finder that we have here, enter the specs of your ride, and you'll see a selection of parts all specifically designed for your auto.