OES Genuine Automatic Transmission Clutch Spacer & Accessories

You just have to shift to drive, park, or reverse and everything else will follow, that's how great automatic transmission is?if you don't want to lose this magic, use an OES Genuine automatic transmission clutch spacer to replace the broken hardware bit. Once the old spacer is too thin or already torn, don't make the mistake of holding on to this part. This will only botch up the alignment, letting the clutch hit other transmission components. The damage this will bring to bearings, bands, and chains will only lead to a faulty automatic transmission. Handling can be a bit of a problem if the clutch fails along with other parts of transmission because of a worn-out spacer.

Driving a vehicle with automatic transmission is way better than having to shift gears on your own with added footwork from the clutch pedal. The only problem is that automatic transmission is more complex, which means repair can spell a lot of trouble. To save yourself from trips to the mechanic and spending more cash than you have to, make sure that the spacer is up to snuff. Don't wait till it's about to come apart and the clutch is no longer working right. Get a new OES Genuine automatic transmission clutch spacer to protect the clutch and other transmission parts from impending failure. With that in mind, don't waste any minute of your time. Roll up your sleeves and get to work.

For superior-quality aftermarket options, you can always count on OES Genuine. OES Genuine products are built to match or surpass OEM quality. The company has state-of-the-art facilities, tried-and-tested manufacturing methods, and innovative engineering techniques to ensure world-class quality in every part it makes. That's why for many years it has been a brand of choice for many DIYers and auto specialists. Be it a tiny hardware bit or a complex kit, it has the right OE specifications, that's for sure. If you're after perfect fit, uncompromised durability, and reliable product warranty, you won't go wrong with an OES Genuine automatic transmission clutch spacer that's specially made for your vehicle.

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