OES Genuine Antenna Mast & Accessories

What's an antenna without an OES Genuine antenna mast? Well, you can say ordinary, dull, plain, stripped of any aesthetic value-that's what your antenna is without its sidekick, the mast. The two are your vehicle's version of Tom and Jerry, or Batman and Robin. Basically, you won't see one without the other. And both are somewhat useless if left to function alone. Have you ever seen a ship sail or a flag being raised without a mast? Aside from the fact that it will look quite weird, it's also not possible. Simple as a mast may seem, it's actually a rather important exterior part, especially if you want to capture the best radio signal there is. All those invisible airwaves bouncing around and being transmitted from all sorts of places can be a little messed up sometimes, so it takes a really good OES Genuine antenna mast to help your factory antenna stand up straight in order to receive clear-cut radio transmission signals.

Some car owners remove the stock antenna on their vehicles without realizing its importance. Truth be told, a thin, wobbly stick pointed at an awkward angle and perched on top of a vehicle's roof can be pretty unsightly. But that's what an OES Genuine antenna mast is for-to increase the style of that plain metal rod and to provide additional support so it won't bend in an odd angle. What good would the antenna be if it's not sticking straight up like a soldier standing at attention, saluting a military officer? Without the antenna mast, the frail metal stick would be handicapped and would be even more vulnerable to breakage since there's nothing that would hold it up firmly

But the antenna's location is quite exposed to a handful of damaging driving conditions. Since it sits on top of the vehicle, it gets slammed first whenever there's a heavy downpour or a sudden gust of road debris. The antenna may also snap and get mangled during car wash stops. Tree branches along the road may also cause the metal stick to bend, and if yours is not equipped with an OES Genuine antenna mast, then it will easily succumb to the damage these outside elements may bring. It is important to inspect the condition of your car antenna after every drive. Once you start hearing static crackles on the radio during your favorite AM show, it's time for you to examine the antenna and the mast immediately before the assembly breaks.

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