OES Genuine Antenna & Accessories

You turn and turn the radio knob and still get nothing-maybe it's time to switch to an all-new OES Genuine antenna. If you can't pick up anything from the AM band, or you get an FM signal but not clear enough, that means you're having antenna problems. You may need to adjust the antenna while trying to tune in to a station. When the signal simply pops in and out and won't give you clear reception for too long, that's when you should seriously consider replacing the damaged antenna. Or else, your car's entertainment system, especially your stereo, won't be any good.

Antennas get corroded over time, especially the mast. If you're in the coastal areas, they're more prone to damage because the salty air only helps build rust faster. It usually takes four to six years before a factory-installed antenna in your car is replaced. With plenty of choices on the market nowadays, you can grab not just an instant replacement but even an upgrade if you want better reception and antenna protection from the elements. The length of the antenna and the materials used count when it comes to getting clearer reception for your radio or any device that picks up a signal. With an OES Genuine antenna, great fit is a guarantee. Made for a specific type of vehicle, it can be plugged in and configured with less trouble. Unlike other replacements, it doesn't bend and break easily since it has high resistance to wear.

OES Genuine is a premium brand of aftermarket auto parts and accessories built for a wide range of vehicle types and models. What makes an OES Genuine antenna a much-better alternative is its low price but uncompromising quality, making it a practical solution to replacing the busted antenna. It's ready to install, built with all the right details for a perfect fit and high-quality reception. Best of all, it's covered by a standard product warranty to secure your purchase.

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