OES Genuine Alternator & Accessories

If you think your alternator is now breathing its last breath, you shouldn't think twice in replacing it with an OES Genuine alternator. A part of the charging system, the alternator works with the automotive battery to produce power for the vehicle's electrical components like the interior panel, windshield wiper, cooling fan, and the lights in your vehicle's exterior and interior. Alternators produce alternating current via electromagnetism that's created via rotor-stator relationship. The power is directed to the battery, which provides the voltage needed to run the various electrical parts employed in the vehicle.

Much like other automotive alternators, the OES Genuine alternator usually comes small and has an outer housing that's composed of aluminum. This is because aluminum disperses excessive heat and this lightweight metal does not magnetize. Such quality is important knowing that the rotor assembly in the alternator generates magnetic field. Inside the alternator are vents which also help in heat dissipation. As it is well-known, cooling is very much important in the efficiency of your alternator. That's the reason modern alternators have cooling fans positioned inside the housing. Alternators, including the OES Genuine alternator, actually have three main components - stator, rotor, and diode. They also conceal pulley, wheels, brushes and wires. As the V-belt turns the pulley, the rotor which is basically a magnet, spins fast inside a set of copper wires called the stator. The magnet spinning within a nest of copper makes electricity.

It is the diode assembly that converts AC to DC current that can be used by the battery. Then, the voltage regulator steps in. It stops the flow of current to the battery once the voltage reaches a particular level, which is usually 14.5 volts. With this, battery is kept from being cooked and overcharged. That's how the alternator works. But how will you know if your stock now needs an OES Genuine alternator for replacement? A defective alternator will kill the battery, causing some electrical components to stop working. If the bearings in your alternator fail, a loud grinding noise can be heard. You'll also notice slow or hard cranking at startup and lights that are too dim. The “GEN” or “BATT” light in the dash will also turn on. When you notice one or some of these symptoms, troubleshoot the problem right away. If there's a need for replacement, don't hesitate to get a quality unit immediately.

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