OES Genuine Air Pump Hose & Accessories

If you have just upgraded the air pump in your car exhaust's air injection system, it would also be better if you pair the new part with a higher-quality hose - the OES Genuine air pump hose is a good choice. The air injection unit is a supporting assembly to your exhaust system, and it is designed to help trigger some sort of combustion in the exhaust. The purpose is not to improve performance, but to burn the fuel that may have not been burned in the engine. This unburned fuel poses a great threat to the environment once released, so it has to be burned while on its way to being discharged. The air injection is designed to supply the air needed for fuel burning.

And where there is air, you need a reliable passage - this is where an OES Genuine air pump hose comes in. If you look at the exhaust systems, you'll be seeing pipes and hoses connected to each other, and these serve as passages of air and exhaust. If you have an air pump supplying air to your catalytic converter to help it burn fuel more efficiently, you need the best hose to serve as passageway for the said air. Another hose that you will find leads from the pump into the diverter valve, a component designed to permit or restrict air flow from the air pump. There are instances when continuous supply of air to the exhaust is dangerous, such as when you decelerate. When decelerating, the air supply should be cut because this can cause exhaust backfiring, some sort of explosion that can lead to damage. This has to be prevented, so the diverter valve is added. During deceleration, the valve redirects the air coming from the pump, preventing possible problems. This is a crucial task, and you need the best hose to connect the two mentioned parts - you can't trust anything less than the OES Genuine air pump hose.

The hose offered by OES Genuine is guaranteed to withstand high pressure without buckling down. It is made from durable materials that are not easily damaged, and it is also efficiently designed, very easy to connect when mounting. When setting up the OES Genuine air pump hose in place, just be sure you tighten the hose clamps using the correct pressure to ensure a stable and secure connection. And, do periodic inspection of the part to monitor its condition.

These all said, it's time you get the OES Genuine air pump hose for your ride. We at Parts Train have a wide range of hoses not only for use in the exhaust but as well as for many other assemblies in your vehicle. Finding the right one for your specific make and model is not a problem because our user-friendly catalog makes the search easy and fast. Should you need further assistance, you can contact us anytime - we're available 24/7. So, keep your emissions clean by equipping your exhaust with top-quality air injection components from Parts Train!