OES Genuine Air Pump Control Valve & Accessories

Have you ever heard of the OES Genuine air pump control valve and what can it do to your car? Well, it's a part of the exhaust system of your vehicle that makes sure those exhaust gases come of the tailpipe nice and clean. But don't other exhaust parts do this as well? Well, you might be referring to the new types of mufflers that have filters or maybe the PCV valve that returns some of exhaust gases back to the engine cylinders. In any case, to fully understand what the air pump control valve does, you have to know something about the air pump.

As a part of the catalytic converter, the air pump has an important task-to supply an ample amount of oxygen to the exhaust system in order to burn the exhaust gases in order to eliminate the harmful substances. After the air pump blows oxygen to the exhaust stream, what comes out of the car should be a cleaner version of the exhaust. But the air pump won't be able to function well without a top-caliber OES Genuine air pump control valve. The said part ensures that the fumes present in the exhaust pipes don't go back to the engine and get cleaned well by the air pump. The air pump control valve is monitored by the car's ECU so that you'll always have a perfect “secondary burn” in your exhaust system without affecting the parts of the engine.

If the air pump control valve comes is substandard, there are a few things that can happen to the car: One, when the air pump control valve becomes stuck closed, the emissions will accumulate at the area where the exhaust pipe and the catalytic converter meet all the way to the engine. If left unchecked, your engine might become damaged beyond repair. Two, if the air pump control valve is stuck open, the exhaust fumes can freely go out to the exhaust pipe without being cleaned carrying higher levels of hydro carbons that are harmful to the environment. That's why it is important to equip your car's air pump with an OES Genuine air pump control valve you can easily purchase here at Parts Train.

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