OES Genuine Air Mass Sensor & Accessories

The thing is, your engine can't have too much or too little air, as this will definitely botch up the fuel mixture-if the old sensor is no longer doing a good job at measuring the mass airflow and sending the right signals, then you'd better switch to a trusty OES Genuine air mass sensor. Having the ideal air-fuel ratio is key to your vehicle's great performance. To come up with the perfect blend, the engine relies on the signals provided by the air mass sensor to regulate airflow. Unfortunately, when dust, pollen, and other damaging elements build up on the sensor, its efficiency won't be as reliable as before. It may no longer be capable of sending the right signals to the engine computer. Cleaning the clogged parts of the sensor may help, but this is definitely not a long-term solution. It's better if you just change the busted unit before it stops working completely, making your engine run in shambles.

A shoddy air mass sensor can cause too much trouble. Your vehicle's drivability will suffer. Flat spotting, backfires, and poor acceleration are just some problems that you'll encounter because of loss of power and torque. Your fuel consumption will increase, in some cases by up to 20%. Lean mixture, especially at a full load, can ruin the engine. Your catalytic converter may also get damaged, only adding to the already high car emissions. The list can go on and on. But why bother going over all the possibilities when you can simply fix the problem? Once you're absolutely sure that the air mass sensor is the one causing the trouble, prep yourself up for the much-needed replacement. It can be a 15-minute job that can save your engine from further damage and your vehicle from lackluster performance. All you need is an OES Genuine air mass sensor that's specially designed for your ride.

Any measuring device has to be precision-engineered to provide accurate results. Good thing is, an OES Genuine air mass sensor is built with all the right specifications. It's calibrated to meet the requirements and performance needs of your engine. Unlike other aftermarket replacements, this sensor is durable and highly reliable since it has been tested to meet or even exceed OEM quality. That's what a premium brand with years of experience manufacturing a wide range of auto parts and accessories has to offer. OES Genuine has the technology, manufacturing facilities, and expertise to give conscientious auto parts buyers the best options on the market.

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