OES Genuine Air Mass Meter Boot & Accessories

Ever wondered what an OES Genuine air mass meter boot is? Well, you probably have a guess on how it's used. To describe it: The air mass meter boot is a large, gnarly tube that allows air to flow. Well, that won't probably paint the whole picture clearly. In order to understand how this part works, you have to know first how the air mass meter and the throttle body-components that work together with the air mass meter boot-function.

The air mass meter and the throttle body are both crucial to the way your engine performs. These two parts have to work hand in hand to be able to deliver the correct amount of air to balance out the fuel being delivered to the engine's combustion chamber. The air mass meter has a sensor connected to the ECU that allows your car to monitor the amounts of air being sucked in from outside. The throttle body, on the other hand, checks the amount air that's coming in towards the engine. The throttle body allows air to flow to the engine's combustion chamber depending on how far the driver pushes the throttle pedal down. So where does the OES Genuine air mass meter boot come in? Right in between.

Also called the air mass meter tube, the air mass meter boot can be considered as the air mass meter's and the throttle body's link to each other. After air is checked by the air mass meter, air goes to the air mass meter boot towards the throttle body to be checked once again before delivering it to the engine. If your car's OES Genuine air mass meter boot gets damaged and cracked, air will leak out and the quality of air going to our engine dips. Your engine will have a hard time combusting fuel, and it may even choke and bog down. If you don't want this to happen, better replace your busted air mass meter boot immediately with what we have here at Parts Train.

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