OES Genuine Air Mass Meter & Accessories

The secret ingredient to your vehicle's quick ignition, steady acceleration, and optimum fuel efficiency is the right blend of air and fuel-in case the device that measures airflow is on the fritz, the smart way to fix this is to install a highly reliable OES Genuine Mass Air Flow Sensor. This way, you'll be ready to tear the road apart without worrying about backfires and/or misfires. You see, necessary adjustments won't be made by your ride's fuel injection system if not for the signals sent by the Mass Air Flow Sensor to the engine computer. The engine may run lean (too much air + too little fuel), resulting in lurching acceleration and backfires, especially during coast-downs. The rich mixture (too much fuel + too little air) will create just as much trouble such as sluggish acceleration and poor fuel efficiency.

The Mass Air Flow Sensor is conveniently located near the air filter assembly. Your engine may be equipped with either a vane meter or a hot wire-type. The vane meter has a spring-loaded arm that makes it possible to gauge air volume in the intake. The hot wire, on the other hand, measures air mass through a heated electrical wire that's suspended in the intake air stream. Unfortunately, filtered air that courses through the electrical wire or vane may still leave behind dust and minute particles that build up on the meter and contaminate it. The meter may also fail because of water or dirt that infiltrates the intake tube. A bad Mass Air Flow Sensor will cause rough idle, engine hesitation when accelerating, and, basically, low vehicle performance. If the computer diagnostic codes indicate a faulty sensor, switch to an OES Genuine Mass Air Flow Sensor.

They say that nothing beats the original. But if your replacement parts are made by OES Genuine, you won't likely see the big difference from the ones you can get from the dealership, except for the price. It's one of the many popular brands today for good reasons. Every part is built for a specific type of vehicle, using advanced technologies, innovative engineering techniques, and top-caliber materials. That's why when you install an OES Genuine Mass Air Flow Sensor, you can be sure it's been tried and tested in terms of fluid temperature range, mass flow rate range, and operating pressure to ensure accurate results all the time. An OES Genuine Mass Air Flow Sensor is something your ride can definitely use for a long while.

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