OES Genuine Air Intake Hose Clamp & Accessories

It's not very often that you will need a new OES Genuine air intake hose clamp, so when you do, make sure that you get it from us. This is one of those pretty underrated parts-simple in function, but great in importance. You want unparalleled power for your ride, and that's why you pay top dollar for enhancements and maintenance. Your air intake system is right along the top of that list of what you spend a lot of money on and rightfully so. Power and engine health mean everything, and in this system, the hose is vital. A cracked air intake hose will typically be replaced faster than a bad TV sitcom, but its clamp-not exactly. That's often second fiddle, or worse, completely ignored and left to rust away.

Here's what you should do if you've diagnosed that you need a replacement OES Genuine air intake hose clamp: Give it a good yank! A clamp that has loosened or is completely rusted up will show it easily and there's nothing like a forceful pull to do the trick. Of course, don't tug on it as if you're trying to break it. If it doesn't budge much, then it's probably still good for a couple more weeks or so. Some vehicle owners will want to play it safe, so they'll replace a rusty one immediately. You should be wise and follow their practice. Things could get ugly if you air intake system falls apart when you're in the middle of a drive.

Apart from natural wear caused by time and exposure to water and extreme heat, another cause for an OES Genuine air intake hose clamp breaking is during removal and return. If you have had a recent repair or replacement job, then maybe the guy who worked on your ride didn't wrap things up the right way. Don't let that happen again. You need to keep your air intake hose secure, and you need a durable clamp to get the job done. Here at Parts Train, you can get a heavy-duty one for less than a dollar, and that has a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty to boot. Where else are you going to find that?

We've been on top of the industry for nearly two decades now, and as long-time providers of hard-to-find replacement parts, we know exactly how you feel. You can stop looking around now. All you need is right here at a price that won't burn a hole in your pocket. Expect no less than the best value for your hard-earned dollar if you grab an OES Genuine air intake hose clamp from our catalog. Our low price guarantee assures maximum savings-a must for these trying times. Who says your vehicle has to suffer just because you're a little short on cash? What you thought was impossible, we're now making possible. We're giving you a deal that'll be hard for you to resist. So drop whatever else you're doing, browse our selection, and order an OES Genuine air intake hose clamp today!