OES Genuine Air Intake Hose & Accessories

Who wouldn't want a reliable OES Genuine air intake hose inside their engine? Only a crazy person wouldn't want to get one for his vehicle. An air intake system is probably one of the cheapest forms of performance upgrades which can instantly boost the horsepower of your car. Of course, the mechanism wouldn't function without an air intake hose. In fact, it is basically one of the most crucial pieces in the system since the part is responsible for generating more air for optimum fuel combustion.

You heard it before-lesser air means lesser engine strength. That's because your vehicle needs an adequate amount of oxygen in order to get the right combustion mixture. Most of the time, the stock air intake system of your vehicle restricts and controls the steady flow of air inside the engine. This may indeed balance the mixture and ensure a thorough combustion process, but restricting the airflow can also produce unfavorable consequences, such as reduced horsepower and poorer engine performance. If you're considering on getting an air intake upgrade for your vehicle, equip it with only the right parts, such as an OES Genuine air intake hose, to ensure a smoother and straighter air flow. The hose provides the link or connection between the intake manifold and the air filter box so if this part gets damaged, you will experience leakage which can lead to engine failure.

Running a regular maintenance check on key engine parts will prevent vehicle damage in the future. With routine inspection, you'll easily determine the problem areas and you'll be able to replace any defective part immediately. But in order to avoid costly repairs, invest in high quality parts like an OES Genuine air intake hose. Auto parts from this brand generally have longer service life spans and are built to endure rigorous engine processes.

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