OES Genuine Air Distibution Hose & Accessories

Blowby gases have always been a problem among vehicles, but you never have to worry about these gases if you have a highly efficient positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system working with a high-quality OES Genuine air distibution hose. The PCV system is designed to remove the vapors that accumulate in the crankcase and then to send these gases into the intake manifold. Once they are in the manifold, they will be thoroughly burned together with the air-fuel mixture. This way, they will become cleaner and less toxic once they are emitted through the exhaust system. And, they won't cause pollution and harm to the environment.

The PCV system makes use of hoses as passages of gases. The OES Genuine air distibution hose is specifically designed to allow fresh air to pass through on its way to the crankcase. This air helps in flushing out the vapors inside the crankcase so that they will reach the intake manifold fast. Some people refer to this hose as the breather hose, and it is often used interchangeably with another hose in the assembly-the hose that serves as passageway that leads the blowby vapors from the crankcase to the intake manifold. These hoses work with the PCV valve, the component that regulates the amount of vapor that is directed towards the intake. Control is important because the amount of air from the crankcase affects combustion efficiency, so the system works towards keeping combustion efficient.

As the entire PCV system works, it is important that you keep each component in good working condition. This especially applies to your hoses, which are important connectors in the system. If the hoses become damaged in any way (i.e. if they leak out gas), the overall operation of the system will be compromised. Adding a high-quality OES Genuine air distibution hose will give you the guarantee that all blowby gases will reach the intake in time for proper burning. This hose is durable and will not easily leak provided that you perform the proper maintenance needed. Secure it properly using its connector and ensure that it is correctly mounted. Also, watch out for possible blockage in the hose because this can cause a decline in your gas mileage, as well as engine problems like misfires. Always pay attention to symptoms that will tell you when the hose is damaged. And when it already fails, replace it immediately.

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