OES Genuine Accessory Belt Tensioner & Accessories

Belt slippage that wears and tears the engine and/or accessory belt will be significantly reduced by upgrading to OES Genuine accessory belt tensioner. This replacement valvetrain accessory is designed to provide enough tension to keep the belt at its proper alignment and also from overloading the accessories that the belt drives. These will generally include pumps like the water pump, power steering pump, and even the air conditioning compressor (which is also a pump); as well as electronic equipment such as the alternator. Though enthusiasts can opt to repair a damaged belt tensioner, which is significantly a more practical practice, an audible noise coming from this part's pulley is an indication that a complete replacement is the only solution. To address this automobile problem, and to ensure best restoration result, settle for nothing less than what the reliable OES Genuine accessory belt tensioner can offer.

Just like your old but factory accessory belt tensioner, the replacement OES Genuine accessory belt tensioner comes as a complete spring-loaded assembly: the base with tensioner arm, round torsional spring, damper, and pulley. Of all these comprising parts, it is the pulley that makes or breaks the functionality of the device. This is permanently packed with grease that when exposed, can hoard debris that will eventually damage the part and eventually, the entire unit. Symptom to this irregularity will include leaking of the lubricant, cracking of the pulley, or the mounting nut losing its thread. This is where the OES Genuine product is reinforced. It is manufactured using better materials and processing them under state-of-the-art facilities so as to ensure every finished product will last extreme conditions.

Installation is another reason to get the OES Genuine accessory belt tensioner. This replacement is made from better materials and technology, but adopts the standard specifications of a factory device. This way, every automobile make and model or engine model is catered. This compatibility of every OES Genuine product also guarantees easy installation and thus, DIY application can be assumed. The task will require adequate knowledge on valvetrain basics but with the help of the dealer's installation manual, even an average DIYer can do the work right the first time. This is also the best time to replace the timing belt or any of the replaceable parts in the valvetrain.

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