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On older vehicles, the engine relies on a carburetor in order to properly mix air and fuel into a combustible mixture that your internal combustion engine can ignite. It's a critical component and you need to be familiar with how it works and what makes it tick. Diagnosing carburetor problems is easy when you know which part does which. For example, when you're experiencing stalling, hesitation while accelerating, or even higher fuel consumption; one of the parts that you'll need to examine will be the accelerator pump. Most of the time, it's the diaphragm pump that you'll need to look at and if it's damaged, you'll need to replace that item ASAP with an OES Genuine Acceleration Pump Diaphragm.

Gasoline is actually denser than air, so when you open your throttle, air will flow through faster than your fuel. When this happens, you will have more air flowing in than fuel which will cause a “lean” mixture that may result in an engine misfire. Your accelerator pump actually solves this problem by forcing a small amount of fuel into the carburetor allowing your engine to receive the proper ratio of fuel and air. You'll need to fine tune or adjust the accelerator pump to make sure that you always get this optimal mix. Over time, parts in the accelerator pump will wear out and you'll have to replace them immediately in order to get optimal engine performance. You'll need to inspect this device, especially the accelerator pump diaphragm for any leaks or cracks. Always replace this with a high quality aftermarket part like the OES Genuine Acceleration Pump Diaphragm.

"When you start to notice a drop in fuel economy, stalling, or maybe a slight delay when accelerating, then it's time for you to inspect your carburetor and maybe take a look at your accelerator pump. Depending on your car or truck's make and model, find your carburetor and check it manually for any signs of leaking or damage. For some vehicles, you don't even need to disassemble the carburetor to access the accelerator pump. If you need a little bit of help, just go over your automobile's manual or connect to the internet for advice. But really, installing an OES Genuine Acceleration Pump Diaphragm should be easy enough that all you may need is a simple screwdriver to replace and screw on a new pump diaphragm. Just remember to calibrate or tune your new pump after installation to make sure you're getting the proper mix of air and fuel into your ride.

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