OES Genuine AC Relay & Accessories

The blistering sun outside your ride cannot stop you from saying “Brr… it's cold in here!” if you have a reliable A/C component, such as the OES Genuine AC relay. With a fully functional relay, you can easily control the level of coldness inside your vehicle and ensure a comfortable vehicle ambient temperature while traveling. It helps manage the entire air conditioning system's circuit to avoid overheating or too much electricity flow every time you switch the unit on. The OES Genuine AC relay also shuts the current's passageways when you decide to turn the AC off. In spite of its similarity in basic function however, relays vary in design and operation. Other applications of this relay can also be seen on telephones, computers, and other technological systems that require control of the flowing electric current.

If you live in a place where it's extremely warm and sunny all the time, you would surely agree that having an AC in the car is a must. Nothing beats the cool sensation of air blowing on your face and throughout the vehicle to eliminate the humidity and moisture brought about by the hot weather. You need this OES Genuine AC relay to ensure that you can use your air conditioning system for the longest time possible. It needs to have a reliable electrical current flow controller to avoid frying up the wires within your AC every time you switch it on. Without this unit, you may as well say goodbye to a fully functional AC system.

So what exactly happens behind the scenes of your cooling system? Every air conditioner has an evaporator which receives the liquid refrigerant, a condenser that facilitates the transfer of heat, an expansion valve which regulates refrigerant flow into the evaporator, and a compressor which adds pressure to the refrigerant. Aside from this, it is also the AC's job to regulate and monitor air temperature through the thermostat. This is where this component, a replacement OES Genuine AC relay, comes into the picture; its mechanism is configured to activate or deactivate the switch of the unit. It works similarly to the relays in the fuel pump's electrical lines and the power windows, car alarms, etc. Without the supplied power, the features cannot be activated. Like the other relays in the vehicle, common causes of malfunction are usually overused or weathered units or grime build-up within the relays.

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